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DFIncBackup Help - Articles - Backup folders in Windows 7

How to backup essential folders in Windows 7

There are a lot of backup solutions: built-in backup software in Windows 7, third party commercial and free backup software, visual basic scripts running by scheduler.

Most new computers have a pre-installed restoration software. Rescue set of DVD discs already packed with computer or can be created by already installed special application by one click. It allows to forget about full hard disk backup.

But computer keep user data, which are unique and valuable. It cannot be restored without regular backup performing. This important information contains in various files: documents, emails, notes, databases. Loss of this information will be a catastrophe for one person or whole business company.

The main question is location of important user data. Windows operating system has special folders, where data files stored by default. In most cases, backup software can automatically detect and include all or some of the default data folders to backup task. Experienced users create own folders and store data files into it. Custom data folders must be included into backup configuration by user.

Location of default data folders depends on operating system version.
Such folders contain text documents, emails, timetables, spreadsheets, photos, videos.
In Windows 7 these folders located:
1) My Documents - C:\Users\[UserName]\Documents\
Most applications keep your personal documents in this folder. This folder has a role of main storage for documents and folders. By default, it contains folders for specific file types: My Music, My Pictures and My Videos. These media folders can be excluded by backup task profile, when you need to backup documents only.
2) Desktop Items
Personal desktop - C:\Users\[UserName]\Desktop\
Common desktop - C:\Users\All Users\Desktop\
These folders contain shortcuts. Also some applications save data files on desktop folder.
3) Favorites
Personal favorites - C:\Users\[UserName]\Favorites\
Common favorites - C:\Users\All Users\Favorites\
It is a common storage for favorite items, i.e. links to internet sites, or local files. Items can be stored in folders to arrange this collection. Default web browser, Internet Explorer can manage this list and using it for quick access to web sites. Third party web browsers also can use this list.
4) Application Data
Personal - C:\Users\[UserName]\Application Data\ and C:\Users\[UserName]\Local Settings\Application Data\
Common - C:\Users\All Users\Application Data\
These folders store data files for non-roaming local applications. Also Windows compatible applications keep user personal settings. Some application may save documents into these folders. For example: Ms Outlook store email database in this folder. Mozilla Firefox keeps user profile, bookmarks and cache for web pages.

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