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Home and office computers store a lot of vital information, which loss will be a catastrophe. User data is unique and can be protected by regular automatic backup.

There is a lot of backup software with different licenses: commercial and free, time limited using and permanent using of concrete software version. In most cases commercial backup software has more comfortable usability and guaranteed support service. But free alternative backup software can be used successfully not only by experienced office staff, but home users too.

Many of free backup tools have limitation on amount of data to backing up. But most modern computers have backup DVD discs with operating system and all preinstalled software. Some times these backup discs can be created by one step with special software, which already installed on new computer. Therefore only user data must be backing up on everyday basis.

There are several criteria for choosing of suitable backup solution:
1) Support of required backup devices: external hard disk, DVD drive, flash disk, network.
2) Flexibility of scheduler options to execute backup on required time. For example several times during a day, different times on weekdays, etc.
3) Format of backup archives. Private format can prevents restoration from backup archives in the future, because new computer and operating system may be incompatible with current backup software. Open industry standard format is highly recommended.
4) Integrity check feature must be present in backup software. It is mandatory action after everyday data backup task. Integrity check can be executed manually or automatically.
5) Backup result information and backup log are mandatory features.
Email notification on backup complete is an extra option.
6) Encryption can be simple or strong. This option is extra important for office use, because it will protects backup archives against unauthorized access.
7) Special mode of execution to backing up only new and changed files.
It allows to make everyday backup execution several times faster. Most common modes are incremental backup and differential backup. Differential backup is more durable, because it requires only two backup archives for restoration: full backup and last day archive.

DFIncBackup Home is a powerful and small size backup tool.
It is free alternative solution for commercial and home use. Backup archives stored in zip64 format with strong encryption AES 256-bit. Both incremental and differential backup modes are supported. Flexible built-in scheduler, email notification on backup result and shut down after complete backup task option allow to make fully automatic backup solution.

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