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PC Backup Devices Comparison

At now computers keep as valuable personal data as vital business data. In both cases, user data is unique and irreplaceable, but computers can be upgraded or replaces with new ones. Therefore backing up data is very important.

There are many types of backup devices using various technologies on the market today. Choosing proper backup device provide long-term solution with acceptable price and lifetime. Main criteria for backup device are size, durability, portability and speed.

Capacity of selected backup device must be large than current backup size. It must store several backup archives: full backup and everyday changes backup. Also space requirements may be grow during year, because new data is created and new version of software make large files than before. Compression may be not applicable, because some files are already compressed: photographs, scanned documents, presentation images, music and video. Choose backup device with size at least double than current backup size.

Durability of backup device must be considered with according to store environment. Many factors must be estimated: shaking during transportation to off-site, electrical and magnetic fields at storage room, required lifetime for backup archive. Even integrity check after backup performing is not a guarantee for recovery of long-term archives from low quality backup media. For example, flash disk is durable for shaking, because it has no moving parts. DVD drive is sensible to excess shock, but DVD media is not. External hard drive is a fragile backup device, but there is no alternative for backing up huge amount of data with maximum speed.

Portability is very important feature, when backup devices are often moved off-site. It allows to recover after natural or technological disaster. Storage devices and removable media have different size, shape and weight. Flash disk is small and light weight, but has limited size. External hard disk has large capacity, but it is sensible to shaking.

Speed is very critical criterion, because time of everyday backup is limited. External hard disk is a fastest solution. When speed is not enough, combined solution can be used. For example, fast backup to external hard disk, and slow coping backup archives to DVD-RW discs. In most cases manufacturer declare optimistic transfer rate, real speed can be get from independent reviews or real hardware testing.

Selecting backup device depends on concrete requirements of backup solution. Each device has advantages: shock durable flask disk, cheap DVD-RW disc, huge size and fast speed of external hard disk. Estimating of all criteria for your backup let you to choose stable solution and prevent troubles in the future.

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