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DFIncBackup Help - Articles - Automatic files backup

Automatic files backup software for windows

Computers have a lot of critical information, which loss will be a disaster for business and individuals. This valuable information saved in different files: text documents, spreadsheets, emails, photos, videos. Therefore automatic backing up files is the most important thing.

New computers are sold with restoration software. DVD disks set may be already enclosed with computer or special software allows creating backup DVD with one click. Therefore backing up entire hard disk is not need.

In most cases, data files stored in default folders, which depending on operating system version. Such folders automatically detected and included by backup software. Advanced users create own folders and use it to store data files. These folders can be manually included in automatic files backup task.

Backup storage must be enough size and available in planned time for backup task performing.
There are a lot of backup storage types:
1) DVD - with standard DVD drive only one DVD disc can be used for automatic files backup.
Several DVD disc backup can be done by special DVD drive with robot for automatic disc loading;
2) External hard disk - best for automatic backup of huge data.
It is recommended to use several external hard disks and change it everyday.
It can save your backup from virus attack and electrical damage;
3) Flash disk - it have relatively small size, but at now flash disks with size 128 gigabyte present on market.
It capacity several time large than DVD disc, but cost per gigabyte is high.
Flash disk recommended for automatic files backup of laptop computers, because it has small size and weight;
4) Internet storage - more safe as offsite automatic backup against natural and technical disaster.
Size of data backup limited by speed of internet connection.
Potential risk of unauthorized access to backup archives with private or business data.

Backup will be done automatically by scheduler. Most of backup programs have built-in scheduler, others use standard scheduler of Windows operating system. In any case, scheduler must have enough flexibility to meet your requirements. For example, backup task must be executed 3 times per day.

Full backup of the files consume a lot of time and require large space on storage device.
Speed of everyday files backup can be increased by incremental or differential backup mode. Incremental backup save only new files and changed since last backup (full or incremental). Differential backup save only new files and changed since last full backup. Incremental backup is faster. But differential backup is more reliable, because it requires only full backup archive and last differential backup archive for restore of data files.

1) Select all valuable files for everyday backup;
2) Use convenient storage device with enough size;
3) Schedule an automatic backup;
4) Check backup archive to ensure its integrity.

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